What Does a Real Moms are Saying about the Chrysler Pacifica

When it comes to the functionality and capability of a van, there is one customer it must appease more than most. The mother. Her days are filled with chaos from moving the children from place to place, commuting to work, and carrying cargo. This is why, for the ultimate mom on the move, there is the Chrysler Pacifica.

Convenience Period

When it comes to van ownership there is one thing that matters most, convenience. If a van doesn't provide this, there's no reason to switch from your family sedan or SUV. As this mom puts it "convenience always wins!" and we couldn't agree more, with three row seating and a suite of convenient features the Chrysler Pacifica is ready to take on the family challenges.

Features That Make Life Easy

  • Automatic Sliding Doors; This features makes the loading of young children easier than ever. Forget about fumbling for the door handle, with the press of a button you can open the two side doors and truck. Buttons on the interior allow for automatic opening as well, great for the car pool line as this mom says.
  • Second and Third Row Stow-n-Go; If you want a capable van, stow-n-go is a must. Sadly, for the competition, the Pacifica plays the trump card with two rows of stow-n-go seating. This feature allows you to access extra storage capacity while the seats are in the upright position and eliminate the hassle of removing second row seating to achieve maximum cargo space. The second-row stow-n-go is a class exclusive feature that this mom loves.

If you are interested in a great new Pacifica to deliver capability and convenience to your daily life, come by our dealership in Forest Lake, MN for a test drive.

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